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Meet THREE of Our Best: Logan, Erick and Jordan!

- 4:44 pm - June 19th, 2023

Meet THREE of Our Best.pngDepending on the type of help you need when you call Hyde Fuel, there’s a good chance you’ll be speaking to Logan, Erick or Jordan. They know a lot about you and your home comfort equipment, so it is only fair that you get to know a bit about them!

Logan Smith is our Service Manager. He started as a service tech in January 2022, and quickly stepped into the leading role. One of his most memorable experiences at Hyde was installing three boilers in one week. “It was a lot of work,” Logan says, “but the end result was very satisfying.” He’s proud that Hyde Fuel stands by its service and will “be over to help no matter the weather or time of day.” Logan and his wife, Stevana, are parents to Oliver (4) and Finley (2). He enjoys hiking, skiing, golfing and kayaking, and is an active member of Leave No Trace, an organization that works to protect the natural world by teaching the public how to care for the outdoors.

Erick Vivas joined Hyde Fuel in February 2021 as an assistant manager in one of our convenience stores and is now the bookkeeper in our main office. Hyde Fuel is special, he says, because “they care about the community and their employees.” He has kind words for his co- workers, as well: “Every day working with my colleagues is fun.” Erick and his wife, Lili, have one son, Alex. Off the clock, Erick might be found skiing or hiking, or delving deeper into his “special interest in the study of consciousness.”

Jordan Carr, our accounts payable specialist, joined the team in September 2020 in the middle of the pandemic! He believes that it’s “the people” at Hyde Fuel that make the company stand out from its competitors. Jordan and his wife, Heather, are parents to Jay (12), Lewyn (1) and Lana (1). Like his co-workers, Jordan likes spending time outdoors, doing “whatever my kids are into.”

We are proud that these three are part of the Hyde Fuel family. Next time you call the office, you’ll have a better idea about the great people you’re speaking with!