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Hyde Fuel and Oilheat: a Winning Combination

Clean, safe and friendly - those are words that describe our beautiful region. That's why Oilheat is the perfect fuel for our Adirondack friends and neighbors.

family2.jpgOilheat Delivery

Hyde Fuel has a fleet of trucks that are ready to serve you. You may choose will call delivery, where you call us to have your Oilheat delivered, or automatic delivery, where we monitor your fuel supply for you based on your usage history and weather conditions, and deliver your Oilheat when you need it. In addition, we have 24-hour emergency delivery available.

Our courteous and professional drivers respect your home and your property - and leave it as neat and clean as when they first arrive. If for any reason you run out of product, our drivers can start your furnace or boiler for you.

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Oilheat System Maintenance

Our expert, certified technicians perform periodic maintenance (tune-ups) on your Oilheat equipment. Just like your car, your boiler or furnace needs periodic maintenance to perform at its best. Hyde Fuel's expert technicians can restore your system to peak operating condition with a periodic tune-up. There are many benefits to a tune-up:

  • Efficient operation. A well-tuned system uses less fuel to achieve the same level of warmth and comfort. It also produces cleaner emissions.
  • Less money wasted. By reducing the amount of fuel your heating system uses to heat your home, you'll be saving money as well! According to the National Oilheat Research Alliance, a tune-up alone can reduce your heating bills by up to 5 percent.
  • Improved reliability. When a skilled Hyde Fuel technician tunes your boiler or furnace, he is likely to spot any worn parts that could cause a system failure during the winter. He'll replace them, and your chances for a trouble-free winter will be greatly improved.

Oilheat Equipment Installation

Upgrading to a brand new, high-efficiency heating system makes sense ... and cents! If your current system is over 20 years old or your home is large, a new system could pay for itself in less time than you think. Once you've recovered your investment, the savings will just keep coming and coming, year after year!

Your energy-efficient equipment upgrade begins by calling us at (518) 891-3151 or contacting us online. Our installation experts can examine your usage, evaluate your current system, and discuss your choices in new equipment. At Hyde Fuel, we represent the top brands in the business. And, we have the most experienced (and friendliest!) technicians in the Tri-Lakes region who are trained and re-trained in the latest installation techniques.

Upgrading your Oilheat system means:

  • A more compact design. Today's units are often one-third the size of their ancestors - which means more room for you.
  • Fewer service calls. Middle-of-the-night breakdowns are virtually eliminated.
  • Cleaner burning. A new Oilheat system burns more efficiently, so it's better for the environment.
  • Whisper-quiet operation. Newer systems operate so quietly, you'll wonder whether they're actually on.
  • Greater comfort. No more uneven heating.
  • Increased property value.

Take the first step toward increased comfort and higher property value! Give us a call or contact us about new heating equipment today!

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Oilheat is safe.

  • hydeFuelTruck.jpgIt will not burn in a liquid state. In order to light heating oil on fire, you must heat it above 140 degrees, the temperature at which it begins to vaporize.
  • There are visible warnings if there is a malfunction.With home heating oil systems, carbon monoxide leaks rarely happen without warning. If an Oilheat system should malfunction, it will release smoke or soot as a visible warning; these serve as early indicators that something is wrong, long before dangerous levels of carbon monoxide can be released into the air.
  • It is non-explosive. A match dropped into heating oil will go out as if it were dropped into water.

Oilheat is "green."

  • It burns cleanly. Today's Oilheat burns 95 percent cleaner than in 1970. Since it burns so cleanly, it comes well within the air pollution standards set by the Environmental Protection Agency. Low-sulfur products and biofuels, such as those made from soy beans, will further reduce the already near-zero emissions.
  • It is kind to the environment. In fact, residential heating oil equipment creates such a negligible amount of emissions that heating oil is not even regulated by the Federal Clean Air Act.

Oilheat is dependable.

  • It offers dependable and safe storage. With Oilheat, you benefit from having your fuel source safely stored in a tank on your property - with no need to worry about the weather or disruptions in the fuel supply.
  • There will always be a plentiful supply. Even during the coldest winter months, there's more than enough Oilheat for everyone. In fact, the United States has a Strategic Petroleum Reserve with a capacity of 727 million barrels - the world's largest emergency oil stockpile - in addition to a two-million-barrel heating oil reserve. There are over 50 oil producing countries, and the U.S. is not dependent on any one country or region for its supply.
  • You can rely on us! Hyde Fuel offers dependable, courteous personalized service - with around-the-clock emergency response and a small-town feeling that makes us easy to do business with.

Oilheat is economical.

  • The price is right. Oilheat has been the value leader for the majority of the past 20 years.
  • Competition keeps prices in check. Competition among local Oilheat companies helps to ensure a better value.

Oilheat is efficient.

  • Oilheat is hot! Of all heating fuels, Oilheat has the hottest flame - for satisfying warmth, and rapid space and hot water heating.
  • Oilheat systems are super-efficient! Thanks to major advancements being made in Oilheat burner technology, some Oilheat systems now boast efficiency ratings of over 95 percent! Modern Oilheat equipment actually burns less fuel. The average annual fuel consumption in 1973 was 1,294 gallons; and now it is only 833 gallons - that's 35 percent less fuel.

In addition to all these benefits, Oilheat offers value-added full service.


You can learn all about the advantages of clean, safe, economical, efficient Oilheat by visiting these helpful websites: